Perfect Mushrooms is a social enterprise that grows and sources only the best locally grown Organic Mushrooms. By partnering with the most quality oriented organic mushroom farms in the Philippines and providing technical support to these farms, Perfect Mushrooms satisfies the stringent quality requirements of gourmet restaurants, gourmet food stores and discerning consumers. But that’s not all, because Perfect Mushrooms is also R&D driven, ever producing value-added artisanal mushroom products that challenge your palate while keeping you healthy. We perpetually explore new avenues that push the boundaries of mushroom consumption. Upon tasting our premium mushroom products, we want the customer to say Wow, PERFECT!

Established in 2013, Perfect Mushrooms has been collaborating with various enterprises (e.g. Ministry of Mushrooms, China Edible Mushroom Business Network, GuGu House - Taiwan, Mushroom Cottage - Thailand, Manila Bulletin Agriculture Magazine,  Business Travel Solutions etc.) and the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (Technical Working Group for “Philippine National Standard: Good Cultivation Practices for Mushroom”) for the purpose of promoting the Philippine mushroom industry, and now we are working to make it globally competitive.